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CS/10,000 is a complete process improvement and best practices development environment. CS/10,000 uses expert systems and neural network technology to convert your business and technical requirements into multiple design deliverables based on its extensive libraries of software development methodologies, technical architectures, and software project estimation defaults. CS/10,000 deliverables include the project plan, the technical architecture, the logical network architecture, the project estimate, and the software project document templates.

For organizations that are embracing knowledge management disciplines and those that have seen the value of maintaining libraries of software best practices, CS/10,000 is the ideal solution. It provides both a framework for process improvement based on your internally developed best practices, as well as a rich repository of up-to-date and tested software processes for the development of today's client/server, internet, object oriented, data warehouse, and re-hosted systems.

What makes CS/10,000 truly unique is its use of rules-based expert systems which automate the process of selecting the appropriate best practice templates based on the business and technical requirements of the project at hand.  This is a tremendous productivity booster over other systems which require you to slog through hundreds of candidate processes in order to select those which are relevant.

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The extensive CS KnowledgeBase includes new software development methodologies and processes based on proven best practices for standard client/server development, data warehousing, object-oriented analysis and design, internet/intranet development, online transaction processing (OLTP), rightsizing, and software process quality improvement.  The CS KnowledgeBase includes a new expert system rulebase which makes it possible to automatically generate multi-disciplinary project plans from any of the supported process areas, e.g., a "data warehousing project to be deployed over the internet using object oriented development technologies".

The Detail Templates included with the CS KnowledgeBase cover a wide range of project documentation requirements, ranging from Database Definition to Disaster Recovery Planning to System Test Planning.  These templates are highly detailed framworks which provide much of the default content for these demanding documentation tasks, and also provide clear indications of the areas which should be customized by the user.  The Detail Templates provide a tremendous productivity advantage to every project participant.

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