CS/10,000 Consulting Services

CSCL has a commitment to excellence, which is demonstrated in both our software products and the services we provide for our customers. Consulting services play an integral part in our commitment to excellence. CSCL can help you to make the most of your CS/10,000 investment by customizing the software to suit your specific needs. Whether you require product customizations, personalized education, or systems development expertise, we're here to help.

CSCL provides many types of consulting services including product customization, project management, systems development and skills development. We have extensive experience designing and implementing customized knowledge bases to plug directly into CS/10,000. We can incorporate your own methodologies and individual processes into the CS/10,000 by developing a knowledge base which is specific to your company, and which will be protected from upgrades. We can customize the intelligent questionnaires and the project estimator to conform to your in-house software development methodology. See our customization white paper.

A CS/10,000 skills development consultation is designed for an individual or small group interested in training-oriented, hands-on sessions with a CS/10,000 consultant. Our consultant will work with you to show you how to get started with CS/10,000, how to set up your projects, and how to succeed with CS/10,000 methodology and process management.

Our CS/10,000 consultants have years of experience in software development and implementation and are a strong asset to your team.  They are actively involved in the evolution of the CSCL family of products, and have a thorough understanding of the software's intricacies. Their ultimate goal is to guide and assist you throughout your CS/10,000 deployment.

At the end of every engagement we review our work with you to verify that your goals have been met. Your feedback is very important to us. This helps us to improve our consulting services and to enhance our successful partnership with you.

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