IT Services
  IT Services
  CSCL can provide a wide range of services to a broad group of clients. Our experienced IT professionals commonly operate in the IT groups of large organizations. From this perspective CSCL can be an instrumental resource in large-scale ERP implementations and core business systems, particularly working on Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting, Grants Management, Treasury, and Budgeting applications.

CSCL can provide innovative technology to enable learning over the Internet. Solutions include providing virtual classroom solutions using web casting to broadcast training session in real time. We can also provide material designed to be used on an individual basis with engaging multimedia content followed by tests to ensure that students are benefiting from the material. Test results can be saved and documented to track the progress of both individual students and the entire organization. Our focus is on integrating various media to make learning efficient, effective, and affordable. Our e-learning team, with capable instructional designers and content developers, has the ability to produce learning material customized for your organizations needs.

CSCL's capabilities include:

  • Legacy COBOL systems support, and the migration to client server using a number of RDBMS, 3GL, and 4GL tools.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system support.
  • RFID and Auto ID technology focusing on developing applications and databases that integrate data from tags and readers to existing ERP Supply Chain systems.
  • Large-scale data mining, data warehousing, and data migration from legacy mainframe to client server, and legacy mainframe and client server to multi-tiered web systems.
  • Database design and development, including interface programs and graphical user interfaces for client/server and the Web.
  • J2EE and .Net architectures.
  • WAP applications that run on Pocket PCs, Palm's OS and Blackberry devices.
  • Mobile computing and wireless technology that enables mobile users to access information anywhere and anytime via the Internet and wireless network.
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