CSCL IT Services

CSCL has a commitment to excellence, which is demonstrated in both our software products and the services we provide for our customers. Consulting services play an integral part in our commitment to excellence. Our services personnel are divided into two divisions: A larger group with general experience solving a variety of common industry problems and a team which focuses on issues specific to CS/10,000.

Our IT services division provides products and services for ERP systems, large-scale data mining, data warehousing, legacy mainframes, data migration, and database design/development and maintenance.

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  CS/10,000 Consulting and Training

CSCL can help you to make the most of your CS/10,000 investment by customizing the software to suit your specific needs. Whether you require product customizations or personalized education and assistance, we're here to help.

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  CSCL offers two types of on-site training courses, a Manager Intensive Course, and an Administrator Intensive Course. The goal of the Manager Intensive Training Course is to provide each participant with a complete understanding of how to manipulate the CS/10,000 process management environment. The goal of the Administrator Intensive Course is to provide each participant with the ability to analyze and solve CS/10,000 administration issues.
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