CS/10,000 Intensive Training
  CSCL offers two types of on-site training courses, a Manager intensive training course, and an Administrator intensive training course. The goal of the Manager course is to provide each participant with a complete understanding of how to manipulate the CS/10,000 process management environment. The goal of the Administrator course is to provide each participant with the ability to analyze and solve CS/10,000 administration issues. The topics covered in the Manager intensive course are organized around specific business and technical goals that can be achieved with CS/10,000, and what CS/10,000 tools should be employed to accomplish those goals. The Administrator course is focused on specific administrative goals that can be achieved with CS/10,000. Starting with installation, we immediately explore installation architectures available with CS/10,000 and discuss the pros and cons of these architectures.

The training agenda provides a complete list of the topics covered in each course. You have the option of selecting the two day seminar which includes both the Manager and Administrator courses, or you may choose to select only one of the courses. These training courses are intensive, and therefore are intended for people who are familiar with the basic operation of CS/10,000. We recommend that anyone who would like to attend an Intensive Training class should first complete the on-line tutorial in the help menu of CS/10,000. Completing the tutorial will familiarize you with the use of CS/10,000 and prepare you for the full logistics of the Intensive course.

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